9 Habits That Damage Our Health Without Us Even Noticing


    It’s probably fair to say that fitness has truly become a trend these days. We’re not saying that staying in shape or being fit is a new thing in any way. Of course that has been a popular notion since the dawn of time, but fitness as a way of life, as a style almost has definitely come into the forefront in the last couple of days. It probably has something to do with the invention and popularization of athleisure, which a lot of people have a lot of views and opinions about, but hey, if it gets people to pay more attention to what they eat and gets them moving more, we’re all for it. So if you want to jump on the bandwagon and be more healthy, you should probably be aware of these 10 habits that damage our health without us even noticing.

    1Buying Cheap Sunglasses


    We’re all guilty of buying cheap sunglasses. After all, we know we’ll probably end up sitting on them or losing them on vacation, so we don’t see the point in investing into a good pair. However, the cheap glasses are made of cheap plastic that doesn’t actually protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. What’s even scarier is that because sunglasses provide shade, it causes our pupils to dilate ( instead of contracting in the sunlight) and receive an even bigger dose of harmful ultraviolet, which can damage our eye, cause cataract, and in the worst case scenario can even result in cancer. So do yourself a favor and invest into a good pair of sunglasses, but if you can’t afford that you’re probably better off just skipping sunglasses altogether instead of buying the cheap ones.



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