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5 Serious Side Effects Of Vagina-Tightening Creams


The vagina needs to be treated with care. It’s the most sensitive part of your body! Yet, you might be wondering how to tighten it. Common reasons include urinary incontinence, sexual pleasure, or physical changes after birth.

It’s possible to buy vagina-tightening creams and gel. But are they even safe? They can lead to these five side effects, so be careful.


Vaginal Tightening Creams Cause Irritation

Vagina-tightening creams are full of chemicals – lots of them. This is even true if the product lists Manjakani extract as an ingredient. Traditionally, it’s been used in ancient medicine to tighten the vagina after birth.

There’s a good chance the cream has more than Manjakani extract, though. The chemicals can irritate the vagina, both inside and out. This can make it painful to urinate, walk, or even sit down.



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