Food is one of the most important ingredients of any journey. Your holidays can turn into the most memorable trip of your life if you spend enough time to properly taste what the country of your destination has to offer. It is also true that some cities are ‘tastier’ than others and have some truly amazing dishes that will send your taste buds to heaven. From crazy food markets in Bangkok to restaurants in Italy, there’s no limit to amazing foods and drinks you can try. Here’s a list of 10 most gourmet cities in the world.

1Lima, Peru


Lima is Peru’s #1 city when it comes to a variety of foods. Thanks to Chef Gaston Acuri Peruvian cuisine became world famous and his very own restaurant Astrid y Gastуn is among the best in the world. Lima’s restaurants feature Andean cuisine as well as Asian, European and classic dishes like ceviche, chocolate desserts, fruity cocktails and seafood stews.



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